Hello Diana--enjoyed the class this morning a great deal.

Learned lots of things I have wanted to know about for quite a while. I think you will definitely have an impact on my painting styles and I sure look forward to all the great techniques that you have to pass on. It will be fun to see what happens in the next 5 weeks. I also like my classmates and it's very instructional watching you instruct them as well. Sort of like second hand smoke--it all filters over.

Thanks, Pat Day

Hi Diana,

I just wanted to thank you again--I had wanted to find some one willing to teach a beginner like myself, but what really impressed me the most as I wandered about at the art display recently at Thornbrooke, not only did I admire your paintings, but you were the only one with matting and framing congruent with the painting----many thanks--I look forward to many classed with you!

Amy Shannahan, December 2009

Hi Diana,

I really enjoyed your art class! You are a great teacher. I learned to a lot of watercolor techniques including washes and wet, and also learned ways to fix mistakes. I got a lot of individual attention and also enough time on my own to build my confidence. I was inspired to paint more and try new things after every class.

Thanks, Cynthia

It was my pleasure to study watercolor painting with Diana Fava over this last summer.

Not having held a watercolor paintbrush for more than 50 years, Dianna taught me new techniques along with improvements made to painting equipment and their uses. We completed three projects.

I intend to attend the one day workshops that Diana will be offering from time to time during the winter month.

Dolores Barnett, Fort White, Florida

Having taken both group and private classes in different media with Dianna, I can say that all of her techniques and instruction have helped to take my painting skills to a level that I could not have reached without her help. Diana really provides excellent instruction, with encouragement and advice from novice painter through to established artist, who wish to perfect their skills.

I  continue to learn with each new piece, and look forward to creating many more works of art in the future.

Ron Baughn, Artist

Hi Diana,

I had a great time Saturday and learned some valuable lessons (hopefully I'll remember them!) I like that you got right to the subject at hand and we actually did something worthwhile on our very first lesson. It was fun and informative and I am excited about continuing my lessons!

Glenn Moody, Student

Diana Fava